You only can become a winner
if you are willing to walk over the edge!

After being in business for 27 years, the edges became too challenging to navigate because of various personal and public experiences during 2020, and now is the time to say “goodbye”, and more importantly, “thank you”!
As we are refocusing our life style and put health and family first, we decided to semi-retire since one can’t stay 65 forever……
Since we are too young to retire, our next careers will be “grand-parenting” our 2 grandsons in the UK, as well as (on-line and/or face-to-face) guest lecturing on the various topics that made my academic career successful:

• Risk Mitigation & Crisis Prevention
• Leisure and Business Event (MICE )
• Quality Tourism & Hospitality Service
• Whole Tourism Systems Implementation
• Special Interest Tourism Expansion
• Holistic Marketing & Sales
• Geography for Tourism Development
• Sustainable Tourism Performance
• Tourism Planning and Development
• Lodging Property Management
• Facility Services Management
• Food & Beverage Management

We now have left Thailand, taking the thousands of memories with us of a country that used to be “The Land of Smiles” and where traveling once was “Smooth as Silk”.
Hence, with a tear and smile, we say “thank you” to all the customers who used our The Winning Edge services, “thank you” to all the universities that allowed me to share my experience with the “next generation and last, but not least, “thank you” to Thailand, for all you have done for us.
We are confident that we will discover some new (academic) edges in the United Kingdom (and Europe) and can continue to help creating awareness for one of the greatest industries in the world: Event, Hospitality Tourism and Travel Management!

Thus, for the last time,
Winningly and Academically yours,
Dr Bert van Walbeek, Hon DLitt.
E-mail: bert.vanwalbeek@gmail.com