Since The Winning Edge was founded in 1993 we have been serving organizations, destinations and governments, offering our services to mainly the tourism industries, but also to other business segment like car, financial, banking and pharmaceutical organizations.

Our boutique consulting company has trained, coached and consulted from Bali to Beijing, from Mauritius to Macau and from Taiwan to Thailand on topics like

  • Risk & Crisis Management: being prepared and expecting the unexpected
  • Marketing and Sales: sell, not tell towards winning solutions
  • Destination Marketing: creating winning MICE destination products and branding
  • MICE Marketing: designing and delivering winning MICE marketing plans
  • Business and Leisure Events: developing, planning and managing win-win MICE events
  • Human Resources: selecting and developing employees and executives

Through individually developed courses on all of the above mentioned subject matters The Winning Edge has always been, and still is, deeply involved in Asia’s Consulting and Training Industries.

Our Managing Director is also recognized as a speaker at many industrial and academic conferences and seminars, where his motivational and humorous manner of presentations are an inspiration for executives of companies. In addition to those consulting and training activities, he is lecturing the “next generation” through Graduate and Master Program courses.