About The Winning Edge

The Winning Edge has an uncomplicated mission statement:

Our goal is simple …….
                                          to help you reach yours !

Insistent requests by hotel and destination management organizations to tap into the vast experience of Dr Bert van Walbeek, after a 30 year career in the hospitality and travel industry, led to a decision to establish The Winning Edge in 1993.

Following several trial runs with diverse hotel groups and travel products, he is now Managing Director of The Winning Edge, a boutique consulting company, originally offering marketing & sales services, but now focused on Risk Mitigation & Crisis Recovery Management.

While his background is hospitality, meanwhile The Winning Edge is facilitating, consulting, training and simulation services to many private industries, like pharmaceutical, optical, banking, bottling and finance organizations, as well as to public entities like transportation and waterworks authorities.
The Winning Edge is active in several associations and dedicates considerable time to corporate social responsibility activities, for instance in 2015 as Coordinator of the PATA Rapid Recovery Tourism Task Force, helping Destination Nepal to salvage their tourism industries after the 25/4 disaster.