Overview of Services, supporting Industry, Associations and Universities with:

Developing S.M.A.R.T. mitigation registers

Crisis management plan development starts with a risk assessment, which is divided into two sub-processes, risk identification / analysis and determination of Risk Significance for private industry and public entities.

Reduction, Readiness, Response and Recovery

Protecting the organization by pro-active risk reduction and crisis readiness planning, and by re-active handling blueprints and proficient recovery strategies, both for public entities, private companies and academic institutions.

Testing the plans and people’s preparedness

Simulation exercises are conducted to evaluate an organization’s ability to execute one or more portions of its response plans. Many successful responses to emergencies are attributed to previous simulation exercises.

Selling by offering solutions

Changing and improving behavior from “telling” to “selling” through the techniques of effective listening and probing to establish needs of their customers. Once the needs are known a consultative selling approach can be implemented.

Getting to “ YES “ by cooperation

Participants learn to recognize that negotiations, costing valuable time of both parties, need to benefit either side and will be coached to ask for what is fair, maintain flexibility and negotiate ” win – win – win “.

Planning for tomorrow’s tourist

The workshop will study and explain the role of marketing and sales, the difference between the disciplines and teach the use of the Marketing Grid and its 4 quadrants. and consequently understand that the aim of Marketing is to make Selling more efficient.

Design and development of strategic plans

Plan the plan, developing the document which specifies the integrated program for achieving business objectives within a prescribed time span. The determination of business strategies, the establishment of the direction and tactics, and the use of the plan as a guide for daily decision making are made clear.

Increase ROI of your marketing/sales resources

Just as a financial audit is done by an outside professional, it is best to have an independent specialist doing your marketing audit. The result of such an appraisal will be useful, concrete suggestions on how to get more from your marketing efforts and increased R.O.I of the allocated funds.

Destination first, product secondly

Profitably strengthening MICE Marketing & Sales efforts through creativity, presentation and proposal enhancement ! The destination always comes first and hence the need to market ( and sell ) the destination and only then build relationships with the suppliers.

Putting your customers first !!!!

Create awareness among all staff members of the importance of customers to their business and continued employment, and to provide them with the skills necessary to serve customers for improved customers satisfaction, thus setting their minds on being more customer orientated.

Facilitating creative and constructive team discussions

Most challenges are not solved by the first idea that comes to mind. To get to the best solution it is important to consider many possible solutions through brainstorming, the act of defining a problem or idea and coming up with many solutions related to the topic – no matter how remote a suggestion may sound.

Project handling for tourism and hospitality organizations

Projects could be related to product’s development, organizational changes, rebranding, innovation & creativity solutions, standard procedures & manual improvement, training and coaching support or even to temporary management delivery.

Lectures at Colleges and Universities

Sharing practical and academic knowledge with the “next generation”, through scholastic courses on Tourism, Hospitality Business and Leisure ( MICE ) Events as well as enhancing awareness for Risk & Crisis Management as a defining need for career development. For this effort he was recently conferred the lifetime award of an Honorary Doctor of Letters ( Hon DLitt ) by the University of West London.

Articles, columns and books on MICE and Crisis Management

Creating MICE case study books based on bi-monthly articles on business and leisure topics for magazines, composing newsletter columns on managerial matters and co-authoring of 2 Crisis Management guidelines for relevant publications and associations.


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