Risk & Crisis Management

Now that crises are becoming part of everyday managerial life, the need to be prepared is becoming a duty for all private industry stakeholders and each related governmental entity, since the days of being able to think “ It won’t happen to me …. “ are long gone.

These crises can be “small”, like a visitor, a participant or an employee getting hurt, and ” big “, like a terrorist attack or a pandemic. It is proven that the less severe the risk, the more frequent crisis occur.

It is The Winning Edge’s vision that being prepared for future risks and crises is best achieved by responsible leaders participating in community and industry preparedness, so that their customers and/or employees are suitably protected against potential crises and/or disasters.

The various workshops are aiming to show participants the management techniques and implementation systems of how to pro-actively consider potential risks to their businesses and then plan to avoid or handle them, both from an operational and a communication point of view

The practical orientated sessions contain step-by-step advice on how to prepare for, respond to and recover from incidents and crises. They explain government officials, owners and senior managers of every stakeholder in any business community of what risks to expect and how to respond to emergencies.