Crisis Communications

These seminars consider topics like ” Media and Information Management ” Planning Effective Crisis Communication “, Establishing Notification & Monitoring Systems ” and ” Developing a 60-second Social Media reaction strategy “.
Case studies and a sample simulation exercise of a reputation & communication scenario, will enhance the theoretical part, and effectively demonstrate that thoughtful communications can make the difference between quickly resolving a reputation challenge or it becoming a nightmare.
They will be taught about the power of social media and the game changing role these media have on crisis communication, shown the 10 steps to overcome the negatives by highlighting the positives and the process to develop their own crisis communication plan.
In a crisis it’s easy to focus on external communication, leaving employees in the dark. But a confused workforce can’t put in the efforts needed to rise above crisis. The choice of spokesperson(s), the extent of family assistance and the golden rule of ” Pity, Praise and Promise ” will be highlighted.
The simple fact is: perception is reality. Public perception of any organization’s considerate behavior and caring communication to a crisis is as important as the operating response.