Crisis Operations

This seminar focuses on the operational aspects, the modules contain step-by-step advice on how to operationally prepare for, respond to and eventually recover from a crisis.
There will be sessions on “ The essence of Risk & Crisis Management ” , “Responsibilities and Leadership “, “ The 4 Phases of Crisis Management ” and ” Marketing Safety & Security “, and offers suggestions on how to brainstorm and how to initiate discussions through case studies and mini-simulation exercises.
The anatomy of a crisis management plan will help attendees to consider to either start or enhance their plan using the ” 4 R ” structure:

The Reduction stage: detecting early warning signals
The Readiness stage: preparing plans and running exercises
The Response stage: executing operational and communication plans
The Recovery stage: returning the organization to normal after a crisis

Partakers will find out how to craft specific plans for foreseeable types of crises, as well as generic plans for broad categories of unpredictable crises. They will be taught, while the exact details of each individual crisis situation will obviously vary, that determining factors like who’s in charge, where to go, which numbers to call or what to use as backups in advance will save valuable time when a real unpredictable crisis does occur.