Designing RM & CR Plans

Executives of a specific organization will find out how to craft, or improve, their specific RM & CR plans for foreseeable types of crises, as well as generic plans for broad categories of unpredictable crises.
The objective of the support through this workshop will be the description of a 10 step process which includes finalization of the RM & CR guide book for all departments, by enhancing, refining and completing the already existing planning mitigation plans.
A brainstorm will be facilitated and, after a study of the various parts of crisis recovery elements within several departments and general services already in place, the gaps between the present and desired state of plans will be established.
Consequently the comprehensive plan to fill these gaps through action oriented remedies will be developed, providing enhanced protection assets, increased safety and security of employees and safeguard the company’s image through a very modest investment!
The ultimate assessment of effective planning can be made from 4 measures of recovery:
1. the speed with which an organization regains or continues full operations
2. the degree to which an organization recovers
3. the amount of organizational and operational improvement added
4. the amount of crisis-resistance added since the crisis arose