Reputation Management

They say ” it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 2 minutes to ruin it! ”
This workshop explains that reputation is an intangible asset, and that as the fair market value of an intangible asset rises, earnings rise along with it. Protecting intangible assets include an analysis of the value of service marks and trade names, the vulnerability of the reputation and the goodwill earned.
In tackling any crisis reputation issues, participants will learn how to identify the strengths that can be highlighted to protect the reputation and/or balance the difficult legal choices that may have to be made.
In addition an overlay of non-controllable factors affect the day-to-day corporate live, the nature of the facts, allegations and rumors, time and geography. Rumors and allegations and how they are spread in today’s world make this business tough for all of us.
When rumors surface on an internet chat room bulletin board about a possible corporate takeover, they may force management’s hand and cause unwanted attention from regulators, analysts and the media.
Added to the uncontrollable spread of rumor is the reality of worldwide real time decision-making. The only court open 24 hours a day is the court of public opinion.