Safety & Security

The workshop will be presented with a tear and a laugh and will result in more respect for the laws and regulations and in less risk avoidance mentality by realizing that one has to expect the unexpected and that business & leisure guests, and the associates serving them, want to be secure without feeling the security.
Topics like ” The essence of Safety & Security “, ” The Protection of Visitors “, ” How to protect assets “, ” How to protect against litigation ” and ” How to protect marketing efforts ” will be presented and suggestions offered on how to initiate relevant discussions through case studies related to safety in service delivery and manufacturing industries.
The organizational Impact and stressors for leaders will be analyzed and factors like ” actual or perceived safety ” and ” issues related to grief/loss of dreams, increased financial strain, stress, family concerns, physical needs ” are linked to the hindsight challenges of harsh judgments if safety & security decisions were handled poorly !
A sample simulation exercise of a safety & security scenario related to a specific industry, will enhance the theoretical part and effectively demonstrate that thoughtful planning can make the difference in the results of any corporate company, business association or governmental entity !