Simulation Facilitation

Facilitation of workshops and activities designed to assess, enhance and evaluate preparedness. The ability to deal with a crisis situation is largely dependent on the structures that have been developed before chaos arrives.
A simulation exercise is a practice activity that places participants in a replicated situation, requiring them to function in the capacity expected of them in a real event, in the format of orientation seminars, drills, tabletop or functional exercise, or even full-scale work-outs.
Its purpose is to promote preparedness by testing and evaluating an organization’s ability to execute one or more parts of its response plans. Many successful responses to emergencies are attributed to exercises.
The workshop will explain that the 5 main types of simulation exercises are :
1. Orientation Seminar, to familiarize participants with roles, plans, procedures or equipment
2. Drill, a supervised exercise activity, normally used to test a single specific operation
3. Tabletop Exercise, analysis of an emergency situation in a stress-free environment
4. Functional Exercise, interactive exercise that tests the capability of an organization
5. Full-Scale Exercise, evaluation of the operational capability of emergency response