Up-selling rooms and F&B

Many Supervisors and Executives have little or no marketing experience and don’t realize that selling to guests in-house is as important as persuading potential customers.

The guests in the hotel and its restaurants are potential spenders and serving ice-water will not help increasing the revenue!

Teaching the staff to ask the right, but simple, questions, to pro-actively understanding the needs of their guests and make sure to ” put their customers first ” can help increasing in-house sales by 10 – 25 % in a few months.
Both Rooms Division and Food & Beverage executives will learn how to:

  • Understand that all employees are sales persons
  • Treat the customer as a friend
  • Use combo-selling techniques
  • Improve revenues through more communication
  • Brainstorm with their staff for creative ideas
  • Develop Up-Sell action plans that work