Crisis Recovery Management

Expect the Unexpected !

Now that crises are becoming part of everyday managerial life, the need to be prepared is becoming a duty for each hospitality organization since the ”good old“ times of being able to think “ It won’t happen to me …. “ are long gone.
This seminar is directed to Owners and Senior Executives of Hospitality and Tourism organizations which accept the responsibility for the safety and security of their customers, staff and assets, as well as recognize the shared liability towards the branding of the destination and/or their organization!
The objectives of the 2 day sessions are aimed at showing participants the management techniques and operational systems of how to pro-actively consider potential risks to the destination and their organization(s) and then plan to avoid or to handle them.

The participants will gain knowledge of how to :

  • Implement Risk Management concepts,
  • Understand PATA’s 4 phases of Crisis Management,
  • Develop a specific, organizational Crisis Management Plan,
  • Gain knowledge through case studies about past Hospitality and Tourism Crises.