Sell… not tell!

Sales staff tend to do most of the talking and the customer is “forced” to listen most of the time, since the majority of sales people do not know their customer’s T.R.E.N.D.S. and therefore what questions to ask.
They often use “canned” presentations, regardless of the present situation and, in many cases, do not close the sale and thus fail to positively influence revenue and profit.
Change and improve your staff’s sales skills from “telling” to “selling” through the techniques of effective listening, probing for the needs of their customers and through the persuading techniques of Consultative Selling!

Sales persons will learn, or enhance their skills, through 15 “Tricks of the Trade“on how to implement the “Total Sales Technique” and:

  • Manage their customers respectfully.
  • Control the sales call productively.
  • Handle (price) objections effectively.
  • Close the sale profitably.