The Complete Negotiator

Hospitality Marketing & Sales people negotiate on a daily basis but too many times negotiation efforts are not reaching full potential because Sales Directors, Managers and Executives do not have, or are not actively aware of, all the negotiation objectives, strategies, tactics and styles that are available.
Because of those weaknesses, sales persons become quite often the weakest link in driving both operational and financial results profitably upwards through successful (rate) negotiations!

Most sales persons have risen through the ranks and made promotions based on their personal skills, but very few have been trained to transform “difficult“ customer and/or guest demands into gratifying solutions, by anticipating their opponent’s moves and, most importantly, through creating lasting “victories” by also letting the other side win !

Now Directors, Managers and Executives can learn the basics of being a successful negotiator and mediator by:

  • Understanding human behavior during (rate) negotiations.
  • Acquiring negotiation skills to improve revenues and satisfaction.
  • Identifying key strategies to achieve lasting results from those negotiations.
  • Discovering step-by-step preparations essential for every negotiation process.
  • Applying the right strategies, tactics and styles to build strong relationships.
  • Learning to win, not only the battle, but also the war.